Learn the Terms in Cockfighting Betting – When we talk about cockfighting, you certainly don’t feel foreign. This betting game is already quite famous in Indonesia and abroad. Even this match which is broadcast online in Indonesia is not a domestic match. Which is the match in the Philippines. This shows how famous this gambling game is abroad. There are several countries that like cockfighting, namely Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, and many others.

With the progress and developments at this time there are many aspects that have changed according to the development of technology. In terms of cell phones, hardware, and there are many electronic tools that are becoming more advanced. For this progress, many things have also changed. One of the things that has changed is the lifestyle of the people. With people’s lifestyles, money is becoming more modern. All the latest trends and developments have changed many aspects of their lives.

General Terms in Online Cockfighting

The meaning of this superior is that the chicken that is seeded by many people will be the winner. If someone else says that your fighting cock is superior, then he has believed that your cock will win the match.

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This asor is called for the cock that is not seeded to be able to win in the cockfighting match. If someone says this to your fighting cock, you don’t have to worry because no one knows the final result of the match before the match starts.

Lose Match
For this term has been devoted to chickens that cannot compete with their other opponents, who are not commensurate with their opponents. For example, if the chicken loses high, loses, or loses strong with its opponent, then the chicken will be called a losing match.

Sack Jump
This sack jump became a term for people who ran away when after not being able to pay the cost of losing while playing cockfighting. And people like this usually bet quite large amounts.